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Welcome to The Color Loft – a place for inspiration – brought to you by dezinegirl creative studio.

Hi there, I’m the principal and lead graphic designer of dezinegirl creative studio—lifestyle branding design for print, digital and web. My specialty is branding campaigns and infographics—my true passions and love—like my morning cup of joe! I’m a coffee lover, so I like to consider design as my caffeine that fuels my day!

However, I find passion and inspiration in so many other forms and places and things—that is why I love Pinterest so much! I used to collect samples and stash them in a place we old-school designers called The Morgue. Every time I would move, I would have boxes and boxes full of my morgue samples! Now that I’ve been pinning since early 2011, my morgue is online and I’ve purged 90% of my samples {aaahhhh}. 

So, this blog, my color loft, is a special place where I hope you’ll find inspiration in all the things I write about. Enjoy! And make sure you also visit my dezinegirl creative studio.

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